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Determining the precise cause of a car fire often involves untangling a complex web of factors, encompassing human error, mechanical failures, and chemical reactions.

If you’ve sustained injuries in a car fire incident, don’t hesitate to contact an Orange County attorney specializing in car fire injuries for a complimentary consultation to explore your legal avenues.

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Car fire incidents not only jeopardize the vehicle but also pose significant risks to its occupants. Survivors of such events may face months or even years of arduous burn treatments, including skin grafts, infection management, and reconstructive surgeries. Attorneys specializing in Orange County car fire incidents comprehend the challenges confronting burn victims and their families. They will meticulously assess your accident and the current and future treatments required for your injuries.


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What Triggers Car Fires?

As per the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), vehicle fires constitute approximately 20% of all reported fires.

Most car fires originate in the engine compartment, where various operational components are located. While there's typically a firewall separating the engine from the vehicle occupants, this barrier provides only a fleeting opportunity for occupants to escape harm from smoke before potential combustion ensues. Unfortunately, it doesn't fully shield occupants from noxious smoke or ensuing explosions. Moreover, the heat generated by an engine fire can cause the flames to spread to other parts of the vehicle.

  • Post-Collision Fires

Post-collision fires involving fuel supply systems can result in severe injuries and profound suffering. Many of these fires could be averted through safe vehicle designs offering adequate protection for both the fuel tank and fuel system.

  • Flaws in Fuel System Design

Crashes stemming from flaws in fuel tank design or placement can lead to tank rupture or leakage. Ideally, the safest location for a fuel tank is between the vehicle's axles, as rear-mounted tanks are more vulnerable to rear impacts.

In addition to fuel tank placement, design flaws in trucks or cars may involve the tank's materials, improper fuel line materials, lack of safety valves in fuel lines, or defects in fuel fillers. Manufacturers must also ensure a "safe environment" for the fuel tank, which means avoiding exposed bolts, screws, or objects that could puncture the gas tank in the event of a crash.

  • Malfunctions in Fuel Pumps

Faults in fuel lines or fuel pumps can also trigger post-collision fires. Since most cars now feature fuel-injected engines, fuel travels through lines under significant pressure. If a fuel line ruptures, it can result in severe fuel leakage. Ruptures may occur due to improper placement or wiring, incorrect material composition, among other factors.

vehicle fires declined annually after peaking at 459,000 in 1988. However, there was a sharp increase in 2014, with a subsequent annual rise until 2021. Generally, the number of injured individuals in vehicle fires exceeds the number of fatalities by two to three times.

Navigating personal injury lawsuits, particularly those involving dangerous or defective vehicles, can be intricate. It's crucial to seek guidance from a seasoned Orange County car fire accident attorney before addressing the matter directly. Call us today at 888.633.1701 for a free consultation.

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