Plant Explosion Worker Injury Lawyers

While explosions at chemical plants and refineries may not be common, when they do occur the results can be devastating. In 2011 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 143 fatalities from workplace fires and explosions, accounting for 3% of the total workplace fatalities. Companies that run these types of plants have an obligation to keep their workers safe and must do everything in their power to prevent such deadly accidents.

Jimmie Kang Law Firm is committed to protecting the rights of workers injured or killed in California factory explosion accidents. Our office has the resources and experience required to fully investigate and prosecute these cases to ensure all responsible parties are held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. While our office is headquartered in Orange County, we handle cases throughout California. The steps you take following a serious injury case can have a substantial impact on your legal rights in the future. Contact our attorneys for a free review of your California factory explosion case.

Types Of Factory Explosion Injuries

When an explosion happens, there are a few things that will happen. The initial blast of pressure can cause damage when it enters orifices in the body and can also be strong enough to actually throw both people and objects with force. Injuries and deaths in these types of accidents are categorized under four types:

  • Primary blast. The pressure that is released from an explosion causes these injuries. Affected areas generally are the ears, lungs and gastrointestinal organs that are easily filled with air.
  • Secondary injuries. Flying or falling objects that hit employees are secondary injuries. This could equipment or glass that is hurled at the person and can cause impact damage or even be imbedded in their bodies.
  • Tertiary blast. These injuries are caused when the explosion lifts a person up and propels them into an object. The impact of the body hitting a stationary object with such force can cause fractures and even internal organ injuries.
  • Quaternary explosion injuries. All other injuries such as burns, crush injuries and chemical exposure are under this label. This could be inhalation of fumes, chemical burns or loss of blood from injuries.

In addition to bodily injury, there also may be property damage as well. Even if a worker is able to survive a plant explosion, a large blast may hurl objects hundreds of yards, hitting personal property such as vehicles.

Severe Injuries Sustained In Plant Explosions

Explosion accidents can cause many severe injuries to those unfortunate enough to be near the blast when it happens. While some injuries may be readily apparent such as: burns, fractured bones or lacerations, others may not be as visible. Surviving a traumatic event such as an explosion can have long lasting effects, such as post traumatic stress syndrome and brain injuries that may not be easily diagnosed. It is important that victims of a plant explosion get the ongoing medical and emotional treatment they may need long after the obvious wounds have healed.

Plant Explosions Lawsuits Handled by California Work Injury Lawyers

If you or a loved one has been injured in an California plant explosion, you need expert legal representation that understands the long-term effects these types of injuries can have. Our team at Jimmie Kang Law Firm is experienced in handling work injury cases and will fight for your right to fair financial compensation to cover your losses. We invite you to talk to one of our knowledgeable work injury attorneys at no charge to determine what is the best way to continue with your case.


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