Fatal Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Although pedestrians in most circumstances have the right-away in traffic situations, thousands of people on foot die every year due to careless motorists. In 2011, there were 4,432 pedestrians that were fatally injured in the U.S. Walking the busy streets of Orange County or anywhere else in the country can be dangerous when negligent drivers are behind the wheel of a vehicle. Jimmie Kang Law Firm stands with families who have lost a loved one in a California pedestrian accident.

Jimmie Kang Law Firm appreciates the devastating impact fatal pedestrian accident has on the victims family. When retained by a family in an Orange County pedestrian wrongful death case, our attorneys fight for every element of damages California law affords. Contact our office for a free review of your pedestrian fatality case and put our team to work for you.

Greater Risk Of Pedestrian Fatality

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on the streets, with no vehicle to protect them or move them out of harm. It is because of this that laws are in place to protect pedestrians from drivers. Although there are rules and laws on when and where a pedestrian can cross the street, it is always the duty of motorists to use caution and stop for pedestrians whenever possible.

Those most at risk are the young and the elderly. In 2010, 19% of pedestrian deaths occurred to older adults 65-years or above. At the other end of the spectrum, children 15-years and younger accounted for 23% of all pedestrians injured and 7% of all the fatalities. It is these numbers that speak to the responsibility that motorists have to watch for pedestrians.

When The Unthinkable Happens: Roadway Deaths

Unfortunately, pedestrian deaths will not stop overnight, not in Orange County or anywhere else as long as there are vehicles on the roads. Due to the laws regarding protecting pedestrians, many pedestrian fatalities are grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver. The family of the victim may sue the driver of the vehicle for their loss if the accident is found to be their fault due to negligence. While nothing can replace the loss of life, there are other financial issues that a family needs to consider.

  • Medical bills. If the victim was treated before they passed, there may be medical bills that need to be paid.
  • Funeral costs. The final costs to lay the person to rest can be a financial burden on the family.
  • Loss of income. Depending the contributions the deceased made to the income of their family, lost earnings can cause hardship on their family.
  • Pain and suffering. In some wrongful death cases, a family may receive compensation for loss of a spouse or companion or for the pain they were put through in their loss.

Although financial concerns may be the last thing on a victims family’s mind after they lost a loved one in a pedestrian auto accident, it is an unfortunate fact of life. Having an experienced and aggressive personal injury attorney to handle the fight for financial compensation can take the burden off the family as well as result in a higher monetary award.

Orange County Pedestrian Fatality Attorneys

Losing a loved one in a tragic pedestrian accident is so sudden and unexpected that no one can be prepared for what to do next. However in any traffic accident, especially a fatality, starting an investigation as soon as possible is important to a wrongful death case. While we understand a family’s need to grieve, we also want to offer our services to get the initial investigation started and begin building a case to receive the compensation your family deserves for your loss.

Jimmie Kang Law Firm have successfully represented California families in wrongful death lawsuits involving pedestrian accidents. Our team will fight to prove that your loved one was the victim of negligence and the cost that it has caused your family both emotionally and financially. Please contact us today to set up a free consultation to go over your options.


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