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Diminution of value claims lawyers in Southern California

Most Americans, including many personal injury attorneys have never considered making a claim for Diminished Value, and more importantly, the financial compensation that comes with it after an auto accident. You will see why the auto insurance industry would prefer to keep it that way.

The value of a used car with a history of an accident is diminished

While a spotless auto body repair can make your vehicle look and function the way it did when you bought it, its value is dictated by buyer perception. Anyone shopping for a vehicle can access its history. When they see that repair work has been done, the natural inclination is to pass over it and look for another vehicle.

Generally, even if your vehicle has been repaired perfectly, the value of a used car with a history of an accident is diminished in comparison to a used car that has never been involved in an accident.

According to used car dealers, a car with an accident on the vehicle history report simply does not command the same resale price.

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Claims for Vehicle Depreciation

For modern individuals, a car is an essential part of daily life. Especially in the United States, life without a car is unimaginable. Even for simple errands like grocery shopping, a car is necessary.

When driving, the concern about accidents is always present, and unfortunately, experiencing an accident is a reality many face. If an accident occurs due to my own negligence, I must accept the consequences, such as increased insurance premiums.

However, even when the accident is not my fault, it is not uncommon to receive insufficient compensation. One such instance is the depreciation in the value of my vehicle following an accident.

According to Seok Kang, an experienced personal injury attorney with over 20 years of expertise, if your vehicle depreciates in value due to an accident, you may be eligible for compensation. This applies to purchased vehicles (regardless of payoff status; leased vehicles are not eligible) that are no more than two to three years old (older vehicles typically do not show significant price differences pre- and post-accident).

The reason you rarely encounter people who have received compensation for vehicle depreciation, in addition to injury compensation, after an accident is that both the victims and their attorneys often are unaware that such compensation is available.

Finding an attorney as meticulous and thorough as Seok Kang in handling automobile accident and personal injury cases is challenging. The following case highlights how diligently Attorney Kang manages his cases, demonstrating his attention to detail and precision.

This photo is of an SUV involved in an unrelated accident.

SUV Accident Case Study

An SUV driver sustained a neck fracture and consequent paralysis when their vehicle overturned, causing the roof to collapse. Attorney Kang, who took on the case, initiated a lawsuit against the car manufacturer, separate from the compensation settlement with the insurance company. The reason was that the vehicle did not comply with automotive safety standards during its production.

To prove this, Attorney Kang hired an automotive engineer and meticulously inspected the changes in the roof of a vehicle of the same model during an overturning experiment. This confirmed that the vehicle was not produced in accordance with automotive safety standards. Attorney Kang bore all the costs for this proof. If the vehicle had been manufactured in compliance with safety standards, these costs would have remained entirely with Attorney Kang.

Attorney Kang secured over 6 million dollars in compensation for this accident.

Car accidents can bring misfortune not only to an individual but also to their family and those around them. Causing or being involved in an accident is unfortunate for everyone. However, not driving is not an option. While driving, no one is completely free from the possibility of accidents. If you are unfortunately involved in a traffic accident, the next step is to find a highly skilled lawyer. You’ve likely heard numerous times that the outcome of a case can vary depending on the lawyer, and this is indeed true.

Source: Town News

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