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A broken pelvis or pelvicfracture is where one of the pelvic bones is broken. The pelvis is composed of a group of bones held together by ligaments, and forming a ring like structure. The pelvic ring protects and supports digestive and reproductive organs.

Broken Pelvis

A stable pelvic fracture is where there is one break point, limited bleeding, and the bones remain in place.

An unstable pelvic fracture is where there is more than one break point and more severe bleeding.

Causes of pelvic fractures

Pelvic fractures are commonly caused by:

  • High Speed truck crashes
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Crush accidents
  • Falls
  • Motorcycle / bicycle crashes

Elderly persons, especially those with osteoporosis, are especially at risk for pelvic fractures if they fall or are dropped in a nursing home.

Medical treatment for fractures in the pelvis

People suffering traumatic injuries causing pelvic fractures also commonly have internal bleeding, head injuries, and other serious injuries requiring emergency treatment.

Pelvic fractures require x-rays to show which bones are broken and how out of place the bones are located. ACT (computed tomography) scan is often used to look for any other injuries.

Sports fractures, usually stable pelvic fractures, usually heal on their own, without surgery, but require the patient to use crutches or a walker to avoid putting weight on the legs. In high-energy trauma pelvic fractures, doctors use an external fixator, which has long screws inserted into the bones, to stabilize the pelvis.

Long term prognosis for a person with a fractured pelvis

Pelvic fractures caused by high-energy incidents (motor vehicle accidents, crush accidents, severe falls) often have severe and life-threatening complications, such as infection, internal bleeding, and damage to the organs.

After a pelvic fracture, mobility is limited for several months, and it takes a long time for the muscles around the pelvis to regain strength. If the nerves and organs in and around the pelvic ring are injured, impaired mobility, pain, and sexual dysfunction can occur.

Attorneys for people who have suffered a pelvis fracture in an accident or on the job

Rosenfeld Injury Lawyer represents people who have suffered significant trauma in an accident on the roads or at work. As personal injury attorneys in Orange County who have represented people with pelvic fractures we understand the significance of these injuries and work hard to secure the most favorable recovery for every client’s case.

Particularly with clients who have an injury with the magnitude of a pelvic fracture we know that there will always be lingering portions of the injury. Our attorneys are committed to providing for your immediate and future medical needs. 

Types of Fractures

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